Advertise with us aims at taking our direct advertisers’ brand communication to our premium readers in the most effective manner that includes all digital advertising formats, Native Advertising and Branded Content.

Why us?

First and foremost. guarantees brand safety to any brand choosing to partner with us. Driven by basic journalistic ethics, the platform promises to be neutral, unbiased and objective.

NewsDrum pledges to stand for open and independent journalism, wholly unbiased, be it religious or political, pecuniary or otherwise. Testimony to the fact is that we have already prohibited the very usage of words like Hindu, Muslim, Dalit, etc.

Mudslinging and targeted slandering will not make it to NewsDrum. The only agenda is to inform and educate, the parliamentary way.

NewsDrum will be voicing the views of the people with authority over the subject, the direct subjects, victims or beneficiaries or those genuinely close to the developments. No random statements and random sources will be acknowledged. 

NewsDrum will also strive best to give equal weightage to “for” and “against” views on any issue to avoid a slant. 

“Objectivity” will be the keyword we will religiously follow and remain “to the point”. NewsDrum will also go all-out will to call out any misinformation half-facts it will come across.

Imposing, bold, sharp and incisive are not just the words but will be pillars of the framework NewsDrum will operate in.

Branded Content

Our expert team helping brands to create Branded Content applies the highest standards of quality to the content we create for brands. Keeping user-experience paramount, we procure commercial content applying world class storytelling powered by multimedia and data. 

Our Branded Content pieces will be prominently featuring on all of our owned channels ensuring spectacular results for clients.

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