Exclusive interview: Sam Pitroda on Rahul Gandhi's foreign trips and Lok Sabha polls

Niraj Sharma
17 Nov 2023
New Update


The bugle for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections has been sounded and the main opposition party Congress is once again trying its best for a change of power in the country. 

In such a situation, Indian Overseas Congress Chairman and Rahul Gandhi's mentor Sam Pitroda put forward the party's views in a special conversation with NewsDrum.

What came out prominently in this 27-minute interview is that issues like "Democracy in danger" or "OBC reservation" are the party's thinking and not a pitch for votes.


Along with this, Pitroda also spoke openly about Rahul Gandhi's foreign tours.

List of questions asked of him:

1. What is your role in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections?


2. For the success of the opposition alliance, all parties believe that the PM candidate should be discussed after the elections. Everyone has aspirations and this is being seen as an obstacle to a successful alliance. In such a situation, you project Rahul Gandhi as a PM candidate on foreign soil. Should this be considered a political agreement made behind the scenes?

3. The staunch supporters of Congress will vote for it, which may not be enough to win the elections. In such a situation, which set of other voters is Congress targeting – the voters of its allies or the voters of the BJP?

4. Our audience would like to hear from you why Rahul Gandhi's foreign tours are planned only when important events take place in the country. For example PM Modi's State Visit to US or G20.


5. Rahul Gandhi talks about democracy on foreign tours and even asks why America and the UK are silent on its murder in India. People here see this as an invitation to other countries to interfere. Don't you think that it could harm more than benefiting the party because with this pitch you will be able to woo only your voters?

6. Does the general public of the country care about the narrative that democracy is in danger? Isn't this a pitch to get help from abroad?

7. The second big issue is that of OBC quota which is a big vote bank of BJP. Why do you and Congress think that Mandal politics will work even after 30 years? Because the OBC community has progressed a lot in these 30 years.

Watch the Exclusive Interview with Sam Pitroda who answers many more questions during the conversation.