How Sandeep Pathak emerges as the key man for Kejriwal

Niraj Sharma
New Update
Sandeep Pathak Arvind Kejriwal

Sandeep Pathak (L); Arvind Kejriwal (R)

New Delhi: Days after Delhi Minister Raaj Kumar Anand left the Aam Aadmi Party, the party’s National General Secretary (Organisation) Sandeep Pathak is understood to have been tasked to keep the party “together”.


The resignation of Anand was much on anticipated lines, with AAP reeling under severe pressure from several quarters, ever since the arrest of several of its senior leaders, including its chief Arvind Kejriwal, who has been arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection with money laundering in an alleged liquor policy scam case.

The buzz is that senior party leader Sandeep Pathak has been tasked with keeping the AAP flock together. He is understood to have emerged as the chief points person of Kejriwal.

It is believed that Kejriwal has unwavering trust in Pathak and has expressed faith in his ability to keep the party together. “This has been evident as there hasn’t been an exodus from the party’s Delhi or Punjab units even after its leaders being under tremendous pressure and enticement from various parties to leave the AAP ranks,” sources pointed out.


This was further established as Pathak is the only senior political leader of the party who has been meeting Kejriwal in prison on a regular basis. Sources stated that the Pathak is understood to be receiving and discussing various political and strategic issues related to the party.

Only five visitors — Kejriwal’s wife, daughter, son, private secretary Bibhav Kumar, and Rajya Sabha MP and AAP’s national general secretary (organisation) Sandeep Pathak — have been mentioned in the visitors’ register for regular visits to the imprisoned leader. While Sunita has been making statements on behalf of the Delhi CM and also participating in various rallies and INDIA bloc events, it is Pathak who has taken charge of the party’s well-being behind the scenes.

Pathak has also been successful in silencing the murmurs and questions can already be heard in party circles on the undue promotion being received by Sunita, ever since the arrest of Kejriwal.


The curious case of missing Raghav Chadha, Swati Maliwal

While Pathak’s stature has increased in the AAP, there is the curious case of senior leaders Raghav Chadha and Swati Maliwal being missing in action ever since the arrest of their party chief.

Even as the two leaders may have clarified their absence from the country, there has been widespread speculation and murmurs within the party and political circles regarding their absence.

Sources pointed out that both Chadha and Maliwal were considered close to Kejriwal for the past several years. However, the way these two have acted and have not even turned up after the arrest of their leader is something to ponder about.

There has been muted talk in the party that the two leaders might face a lot of flak after their eventual return to the country.