Modi + Didi = Adani - ED

Modi + Didi = Adani - ED
Narendra Modi and Mamata Banerjee (File photo)

Kolkata: Not all political articles need to be bloodthirsty, so do take the tidings lightly. Truth be told, the headline is a fairly simple equation of a reasonably complex alliance 

Those taking time off from the Royal Funeral would have noted that the CM of West Bengal has publicly offered an olive branch to the PM of India. She said most gracefully that the aggression of the Central agencies towards close party colleagues was clearly not perpetrated by Mr. Modi, suggesting the handiwork of ill-advised underlings. This declaration coincides sufficiently with a number of concurrent developments - the Rs15,000 crore Tajpur Port investment by the Adanis and the scathing indictment of the Education scam accused.

In Tajpur, the potential is immense and the prospect of 25,000 jobs combining economic sustenance with vote bank happiness certainly juicy. Those living in the state, unconnected to politics, will be salivating at the prospect of a genuine scalable investment, accountable to the Centre. The last time a possibility as such occurred was the Tata Motors mirage of Singur, and the interim promises have been short lived. 

On the Education scam, a thesis like chargesheet has been issued and the desired suspect will soon be singing like a canary, as alternate escape avenues are sincerely sealed. A few others are being invited to the dragnet,their vulnerabilities exposed with startling alacrity and that too with defensible evidence. Every political party has their share of avoidable outliers and this is a huge opportunity for the TMC to conduct a Stalinist purge, albeit in a constitutional fashion. 

But the larger agenda resides with the tax paying public, devastated by Communist rule and confused by the TMC agendas, interested only in socio-economic upliftment and a correction of professional perception. The party manifesto is surely valuable but not a patch on personal benefits, and in spite of the visibly demographic excesses in rallies, that truth is still intact. A restoration of Calcutta’s corporate prominence will be appreciated by multiple stakeholders and that is why this arrangement of optimality will be truthfully useful. While villages will continue to be villages and a certain incoherent mass momentum will continue to define allegiance at the Hustings. 

If indeed a BJP TMC understanding has been gingerly achieved, ceteris paribus, then actually every citizen of West Bengal stands to gain. For starters, it will ensure a steady inflow of genuine investments, not the Somnath Chatterjee variety of MOUs that were stored in museums or libraries and quite remarkably, there will be no state-centre conflict. The defunct Communists and the obsolete Congress will still stage rallies but their cumulative impact will be resoundingly parasitic. For the first time in at least four decades, if not more, there will be hope for sustainable growth as an invited, and not hostile, character of the India growth story.

You may well ask what exactly will be the destiny of the scamsters who may have thrived under the state ruling party colours, and frankly nobody does not care beyond a point. Democratic and independent India is blessed with a throbbing judiciary and vigilance forces and they can be trusted to impart justice as per the ambit of the IPC, thankfully they are largely autonomous. In systems such as ours corruption is indeed endemic and inarguably cross-party, so considering West Bengal to be cinematic aberration is not logical. The focus must shift to sustainable performance and impact on the well being of the daily voters. 

By now, you must have unravelled the essence of the headline equation, as a solution and not the problem. Common folks are primarily interested in the development of self and near and dear entities, and political agendas are either interruptions or amplifiers. If the ED de-escalates its aggrandisement,nobody will mind as long as Adani and his peers deliver the jobs over time. Which actually makes this an attractive proposition and not a sinister combination.