42 per cent of all startups in California are founded by immigrants: Gov Newsom

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Washington, Jul 9 (PTI) As many as 42 per cent of all startups in California are founded by immigrants who are the lifeblood of the Golden State, its Governor Gavin Newsom told a group of eminent Indian Americans at a fundraiser.

Newsom, a senior Democratic Party leader, made these remarks in Massachusetts on Monday.

“Fourty-two per cent of all startups in California are founded by immigrants, and they are the lifeblood of our state. Amid the vitriol, xenophobia, and nativism that permeates much of our politics, particularly from figures like Donald Trump, we in California have endured and emerged stronger,” Newsom said at a fundraiser in Massachusetts.

“We overcame the divisive rhetoric of Prop 187 in the 1990s, and today, we celebrate our diversity rather than merely tolerate it. As a result, we lead in manufacturing, boast the highest number of scientists, researchers, and Nobel laureates, and continue to drive innovation globally," he said.

Hosted by US India Security Council president, Ramesh Viswanath Kapur and his wife Susan at their home in Winchester on July 8, the fundraiser was attended by eminent Indian Americans from in and around Boston.

Kapur in his remarks expressed gratitude to Newsom for his decisive veto of the proposed SB 403 bill, which aimed to ban caste discrimination, and for his interest in visiting a Hindu temple in Florida in the coming months.

The room, filled with many Indian-origin attendees, entrepreneurs, and young people, erupted in applause, recognising Newsom’s steadfast support for entrepreneurial initiatives and his principled stance on critical issues. Kapur also stated that he feels the Governor has a good chance of being the 47th President of the USA.

Addressing the unique strengths of Massachusetts, Newsom highlighted how renowned institutions of higher learning serve as conveyor belts for talent, fostering competition not just on price but on talent.

He noted that what sets California and Massachusetts apart is their human capital—the best and the brightest. This spirit of inclusiveness and growth ensures that everyone benefits. In a state where 27 per cent of the population is foreign-born, this mindset is crucial.

California, a majority-minority state with a population equivalent to 21 other states combined, must see itself in the context of the world. PTI LKJ AMS AKJ AMS AMS