77 pc employees think work-related stress can induce anxiety, depression: Report

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Mumbai, Nov 5 (PTI) Work-related stress leads to adverse effects on employees' mental health and reduces work efficiency, with 77 per cent respondents saying stress can induce anxiety and depression, according to a report.

While 77 per cent of the participants in the survey confirmed that work-related stress can induce anxiety and depression, 14 per cent were neutral and a meagre 9 per cent denied the possibility altogether, according to HR solutions provider Genius Consultants' report.

The report is based on a survey among 1,380 employees from September 5 till October 15, 2022, across sectors like banking and finance, construction and engineering, education, FMCG, hospitality, HR solutions, IT, ITES and BPO, logistics and manufacturing.

The report further revealed that 82 per cent of the participants validated that health issues like immunodeficiency disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and musculoskeletal disorders are directly connected with work-related stress, while 14 per cent remained neutral and the rest of 7 per cent denied any connection.

The report found that mid-work nap time has been suggested by 73 per cent of the people interviewed as an innovative method to combat work stress levels. However, 18 per cent of the respondents were unsure of this and 9 per cent disagreed with the same.

Reducing working days was another suggestion agreed by 68 per cent participants while 18 per cent were neutral on this and 14 per cent differed with the idea, it stated.

"The fact that most respondents agreed that work-related stress affects the mental health of an individual is very telling. In the current age, where the talk of mental health has found momentum, it is crucial that we identify work stress and the environment as the prime reasons for the growing cases of deteriorating mental health conditions for employees.

"We, as a part of India Inc, should consciously work toward cementing any imbalance in the work environment for every working professional," Genius Consultants CMD R P Yadav said. PTI SM ABM ABM