Byju's delays March salaries; blames few foreign investors

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New Delhi, Apr 1 (PTI) Embattled edtech company Byju's has informed its employees that there will "again" be a delay in disbursement of salaries.


Byju's management in a communication to employees blamed the situation on an interim order obtained by "a few misguided foreign investors" in late February which "restricted usage of the funds raised through the successful rights issue".

Byju's also sought to assure staff that it is following a parallel line of credit to ensure that employees get their salaries by April 8.

"We are writing to you today with a heavy heart but with a message of hope and reassurance. We regret to inform you that there will again be a delay in the disbursement of salaries. A few misguided foreign investors in BYJU'S have obtained an interim order in late February which has restricted usage of the funds raised through the successful rights issue," the management wrote.


The note further said: "This irresponsible action by the four foreign investors has compelled us to temporarily hold the disbursal of salaries until the restriction is lifted." Byju's said it has full faith in the Indian judicial system and eagerly awaits a favourable outcome that will enable it to utilise the funds raised through the rights issue and alleviate the financial challenges it is currently facing.

"As you know, the founders have put everything back into the company, and regardless of the court verdict, we are following a parallel line of credit to ensure that you receive your salary by 8th of April," the management said.

On a positive note, the management said, it has the necessary vote to increase the authorised capital for the rights issue.


"It means that once the restrictions on using the raised funds are lifted, we can meet all our salary commitments immediately. As you might have read, our founder, Byju Raveendran, has once again appealed to disgruntled investors in a collaborative spirit, and we are hoping that litigating investors would have a reasonable spirit in not frustrating our daily lives any longer," it said.

The company said it understood the feelings of helplessness that may arise due to these circumstances, and added "we share your frustration".

"However, we urge you to hold onto hope and remain resilient. BYJU'S has overcome challenges recently, and we firmly believe that together, we will overcome this last hurdle. We are confident that justice will prevail and the financial constraints will be resolved soon," the management wrote thanking employees for their patience, understanding, and continued dedication during the difficult time. PTI MBI MBI MR