Developing countries need more carbon space for growth: R K Singh

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New Delhi, Feb 9 (PTI) Developing countries need more carbon space for economic growth, Union Minister R K Singh said on Friday as he emphasised that 77 per cent of the legacy carbon dioxide load has been caused directly by the developed countries.


India aims to reduce its carbon emission intensity by 45 per cent by 2030.

"Now, what is the present status on our planet? You have some countries that are developed and their average per capita income as per IMF figures is about USD 58,700 per year," Singh said at the World Sustainable Development Summit 2024 in the national capital.

Singh, who is in charge of the power as well as new and renewable energy ministries, said there are developing countries where the average per capita income is USD 6,770 per year.


"Just imagine the disparity. Now these developed countries (became) developed using fossil fuels and you know 77 per cent of the legacy carbon dioxide load on our planet earth was caused directly by them... that has led to this global rise in temperature by 1.1 per cent," he said, "The developing countries need to develop that requires carbon space. No country in the world is going to compromise on their development. No matter how many speeches you give. You have to vacate carbon space so that the developing countries can develop. Because we need that space," he said.

Singh said India has been at the forefront of reducing its carbon emissions and meeting the NDC (Nationally Determined Contributions) goals.

"In Glasgow, we pledged that by 2030, we will reduce our emissions intensity by 45 per cent so we will achieve that in time... our rate of energy transition speed is perhaps unmatched," he said at the event organised by The Energy Research Institute (TERI).

Singh, the Minister for New and Renewable Energy, said around 1,03,000 MW of renewable energy capacity is under construction in India. PTI ABI TRB