From charting to trading: How TradingView Broker connections enhance trading

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New Delhi: TradingView offers powerful charting and analysis tools and has become a popular platform for traders and investors worldwide. The platform offers multiple features to assist traders in their journey.


By seamlessly integrating various brokers on the platform, the TradingView supported broker connections proved to be a boon for traders and have made the TradingView platform a complete trading solution.

In this article, we will delve into how TradingView broker connections can help improve online trading. 

1. Single Platform Convenience


One of the crucial benefits of TradingView is the ease of having everything you need on a single platform. There is no need to struggle between tabs and waste the precious time of trading.

With TradingView broker integration on platforms like Dhan, you can trade directly on TradingView. This allows you to sort your trading moves in one place and take advantage of price differentials in a fraction of the time.  

2. Real-Time Data Access


TradingView Broker ensures that all traders can access up-to-date market information by providing real-time data. Considering how quickly market conditions can change, having real-time data integration can play a major role in making intelligent trading decisions.

You can view price movements for thousands of securities in multiple markets in different timeframes and chart types. Leveraging opportunities becomes a lot easier when you can directly access tools and indicators to form strategies and integrations to execute the same. 

3. Customizable Trading Strategies


Using the proprietary scripting language of TradingView, traders can create and customize their trading strategy on the platform. Traders may use broker connections to execute these strategies straight from the broker platform, streamlining their trading activities.

In addition to saving time, this automation ensures that trading techniques are applied consistently. This helps to improve trading outcomes potentially.

4. Access to Tools and Indicators  


TradingView offers traders access to an extensive variety of charts, tools, and analytical indicators. Indicators like Bollinger bands, support, resistance, Fibonacci Retracement, Price range, etc., can help you gauge historical price movements. 

You can use TradingVIew broker integration to assess and decide your next moves based on these technical factors. TradingView also allows you to access the library of pre-built indicators and follow the trading strategies of seasoned investors via its community feature. 

TradingView Broker Integration With Dhan


Dhan became India’s only online trading platform with a TradingView integration back in 2022. If you are a registered trader with Dhan, you can trade directly using the broker integration in a few simple steps:

* If you aren’t a registered user, Start your account opening journey. It takes 10 minutes to get registered on Dhan.

* Open TradingView. In the TradingView Panel, choose Dhan from the broker list. 

* Scan the QR code with your Dhan App to authorize the TradingView connection. 

With Dhan’s TradingView integration, you can experience lightning-fast trades on Charts. Get exclusive access to TradingView features like:

* Pine Editor to create your own indicators

* 100+ built-in indicators

* Trading in multiple securities and markets

* Real-time data analysis and retracing price behavior using bar replays

* Custom alerts and notifications.   


In conclusion, seamlessly combining charting and trading features, the TradingView broker connections have completely revolutionized the trading landscape. TradingVIew broker integration improves trading for experienced and novice traders by providing convenience and real-time data. 

TradingView supported brokers such as Dhan allow traders to choose according to their unique requirements and preferences and make the most of their trading.