Majority of respondents in India believe AI will help them increase productivity at work: Survey

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New Delhi, Dec 11 (PTI) A majority of Indian respondents believe that AI will increase their productivity at work compared to 31 per cent globally, provided their organisations support them with upskilling opportunities, according to a survey by PwC.


India can become the pioneer in incorporating AI (artificial intelligence) technology into business if the industry moves ahead with the right upskilling approach, said the PwC report titled 'India Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023'.

The survey drew responses from 2,502 participants in India with 88 per cent of them being full-time employees.

"Amidst the rising uncertainty and seismic impact of AI, the workforce is demanding more from their employers on all counts. The workforce is not settling with a competitive compensation only - which continues to be hygiene - but also deeper job satisfaction, and faster growth opportunities to fulfil their aspirations," PwC India Partner Anumeha Singh said.


To thrive, organisations and leaders will need to make some tough choices while blending adaptability with innovative workforce structures and career pathways for an ever-evolving landscape, Singh added.

The survey further showed that 62 per cent of Indian employees believe the skills required to do their jobs will change significantly over the next five years. As many as 69 per cent of them are also aware of how these requirements will change.

Further, 24 per cent of Indian respondents said AI would impact the nature of their work in a negative way, which is 10 per cent more than the global average.

Furthermore, 21 per cent of Indian respondents believe AI will take over their jobs compared to 13 per cent globally.

"The most common sentiment, expressed by 51 per cent of respondents, is that AI will help them increase their productivity or efficiency at work in comparison to 31 per cent of global respondents," the survey said. PTI NKD NKD BAL BAL