Moscow seeks cooperation in metro projects, waste management, smart cities development with India

NewsDrum Desk
24 Jan 2023

Gandhinagar (PTI) Moscow can provide "concrete" solutions to India in areas such as metro projects, waste management and development of smart cities, according to an official.

Alexey S Bondaruk, Deputy Head Of Department Of External Economic And International Relations, Government of Moscow, said that firms in the Russian capital city can provide consultancy in these areas.

The Government of Moscow is the executive body of the Moscow state authority.

Bondaruk was here to participate in the B20 (Business-20) meeting, which was organised by industry chamber CII.

Moscow Metro can partner with India to expand this mode of transportation in different cities in India, Bondaruk told reporters here.

"We can provide concrete solutions on transport, electric buses and waste management," he added.

He also said that huge opportunities are there to increase cooperation in areas like healthcare and education as well. PTI RR HVA

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