Nikki Haley outraises Trump in fundraising in January

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Nikki Haley Donald Trump

Nikki Haley and Donald Trump

Washington: Indian American Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has outraised her rival and former president Donald Trump in fundraising in January, a development that has surprised many of her detractors and political observers.


This is her biggest-ever fundraiser. Trump on the other hand raised USD 8.8 million, less than Haley’s USD 11.5 million.

Haley is still trailing by over 30 points in South Carolina where the crucial Republican primary is scheduled for Saturday, February 24. However, the latest opinion poll showed Haley defeating Biden in a hypothetical matchup, while Biden beats Trump in the same poll.

In a head-to-head matchup between Biden and Haley, 46 per cent of voters support Haley and 43 per cent support Biden. In contrast, in the Trump-Biden rematch no one wants, Trump loses to Biden, 45 to 49.


Ahead of the crucial South Carolina primary, the Trump Campaign released January fundraising figures according to which it raised about USD 8.8 million while spending around USD 11.5 million, a net loss of more than USD 2.6 million.

The Daily Beast reported that Trump’s “Save America '' leadership political action committee reported raising just USD 8,508 from donors in the entire month of January while spending about USD 3.9 million.

Incumbent Democratic President Joe Biden raised USD 15 million in January and spent USD 6 million. It has USD 130 million in cash, his campaign said.


“It's been a tough couple of weeks if you are Donald Trump and also like money. The RNC had its worst fundraising year in decades, is haemorrhaging cash, and now Trump enters the general election with the weakest operation in recent history,” Biden-Harris 2024 Director of Rapid Response Ammar Moussa said in a statement.

“While Trump, with the help of his ultra-rich donors, burns cash paying for Trump's...challenges, our campaign is proud of its historic war chest whose funds are going to reach the voters who will decide the election this November,” she said.

According to CNN, Biden’s campaign entered February with nearly USD 56 million in cash reserves in his main campaign committee compared to a little more than USD 30 million in the coffers of Trump’s equivalent account.

Haley has nearly USD 13 million cash in hand.