Personal computer imports from China dip 3 pc during Nov-Feb 2024

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New Delhi, Apr 8 (PTI) The country's imports of personal computers from China dipped 3 per cent to USD 917 million during November-February 2024, according to commerce ministry data.


The inbound shipments stood at USD 950.22 million from the neighbouring country during November-February 2023.

Similarly, imports contracted about 48 per cent to USD 917 million from China during November 2023-February 2024 as against USD 1.75 billion during July-October 2023, the data showed.

Imports of personal computers into India also declined 55 per cent year-on-year to USD 1.06 billion from the world during November-February 2024.


On October 19 last year, the government tweaked curbs on imports of laptops and computers as it allowed importers to bring in shipments of IT hardware from overseas on a mere "authorisation" upon detailing quantity and value.

The new "import management system" was aimed at monitoring shipments of laptops, tablets, and computers into the country without hurting market supply or creating a cumbersome licensing regime.

After concerns were raised by the industry on imposing licensing regime on these imports in August 2023, the government in October last year diluted the norms on these imports.

The importers are allowed to apply for multiple authorisations and those authorisations will be valid up to September 30, 2024.

On November 1 last year, the government cleared 110 of 111 applications of electronic firms that sought permission for imports of IT hardware products like laptops and computers worth nearly USD 10 billion, on the first day of implementation of the new system. PTI RR TRB TRB