Project details in part-wise completion or occupancy certificates must match with registration records: UP RERA

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Noida, Jul 11 (PTI) The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP RERA) has asked all industrial and housing development authorities to identify parts of projects properly before issuing part-wise completion certificates or occupancy certificates.

The state real estate regulator said names of the completed towers, blocks, or units mentioned in the part-CC (completion certificates) or part-OC (occupancy certificates) issued by some of the planning authorities are not matching with the details given by the promoter to UP RERA at the time of registration of the project.

"Such Part-CC or OC creates doubts in the mind of the homebuyer about the status of completion of his unit or tower at the time of the execution of conveyance deed and handing over of possession of the unit," UP RERA said.

In an official communications, UP RERA has instructed competent authorities to provide specific details about the towers or blocks when issuing Part-CC or Part-OC.

These details should match the names given at the time of registration with RERA or in the agreement for sale between the promoter and the homebuyer, it said.

UP RERA also emphasised that issuing temporary CC or OC is not permissible under current laws and could adversely affect homebuyers.

"Apart from being contrary to the law, such temporary CC or OC can also be seriously detrimental to homebuyers who take possession on the basis of such temporary OC or CC and subsequently, because of some reason or the other, such temporary OC or CC is not confirmed by the concerned planning authority," the regulator said.

To avoid mismatches between project names and their blocks or towers, UP RERA has advised planning authorities to obtain marketing names of projects, along with the number of units, from promoters during the application for map sanction.

This measure is intended to ensure clarity regarding the completion status of projects.

"UP RERA is continuously striving to bring standardization in the sector with a view to not only protect the interest of the homebuyers but also to minimize litigation between different stakeholders," Sanjay Bhoosreddy, Chairman of UP RERA, said. PTI KIS HVA