Rajasthan to see unprecedented growth in variable renewable energy, says expert

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Jaipur, May 15 (PTI) Rajasthan is poised to experience unprecedented growth in cost-effective variable renewable energy (VRE) capacity with projections indicating over 60 GW of VRE capacity by 2030, comprising 30 GW of solar photovoltaics (PV) and 30 GW of wind, energy expert Jiwesh Nandan said on Wednesday.

Nandan, a fellow at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), said that Indian businesses today are developing technologies that will meet future needs.

Speaking at a mentorship programme for industries working on solar and renewable energy in the state, Nandan underscored the transformative potential of renewable energy in Rajasthan's commercial and industrial sectors.

He urged industry representatives to explore low-carbon policy avenues tailored to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

He highlighted opportunities for integrating solar energy into commercial and industrial operations, highlighting the importance of customized solutions for each sector.

Nandan, a former IAS officer, also highlighted Rajasthan's Renewable Energy Policy 2023, targeting 90 GW of renewable energy projects by FY 2029-30, as a significant driver of sustainable energy development in the state.

He emphasized the potential of shifting agricultural demand to daytime hours and integrating electric vehicle (EV) load to reduce reliance on grid-scale batteries, thereby enhancing energy sustainability in Rajasthan.

"TERI's study suggests that by 2030, integration of renewables to the tune of 35 percent of the total energy mix can be achieved at no extra system (generation) cost," according to a release from TERI.

"TERI recommends that utilities need to put in place a roadmap to integrate increasing quantum of renewable energy duly addressing the variability and intermittency of VRE (variable renewable energy)," the release said. PTI SDA MR