Scandron secures DGCA certification for agricultural drone

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New Delhi: Scandron Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Indian technology firm Magellanic Cloud, on Monday said it has received certification from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for its agricultural drone.

The DGCA granted Type Certification for Scandron's SNDAG010QX8 drone model, the company said in a statement. The drone, designed for agricultural applications such as spraying fertilizers and crop monitoring, falls under the small rotorcraft category.

The certification marks a significant step in Scandron's efforts to provide locally manufactured drone solutions for Indian farmers, aligning with the government's 'Make in India' initiative aimed at reducing dependence on foreign technology.

"This milestone underscores our dedication to supporting Indian farmers with advanced, locally-manufactured drone solutions that enhance productivity and sustainability," Magellanic Cloud Director and Promoter Joseph Sudheer Reddy Thumma said..

The move comes as India seeks to modernize its agricultural practices and improve crop yields through technology adoption. The government has been promoting the use of drones in agriculture to increase efficiency and reduce manual labour. Scandron said it plans to work closely with government bodies to ensure regulations continue to promote innovation while maintaining safety standards in the growing agri-drone market. The company did not disclose financial details or production targets for the certified drone model.