Securing funding major challenge for women entrepreneurs, say founders

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19 Nov 2023
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New Delhi, Nov 19 (PTI) Securing funding is a major challenge for women entrepreneurs along with balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with traditional gender roles and expectations, say women business leaders.


Creating an inclusive work environment and addressing key areas like easy entry into workforce, financial autonomy and healthcare would help women lead and make an impact, women entrepreneurs said on the occasion of Women Entrepreneur Day. According to Assiduus Global CEO & founder and Niti Aayog advisor Somdutta Singh, securing funding is a significant challenge for women entrepreneurs along with balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with traditional gender roles and expectations.

“Historically, many business networks have been male-dominated, making it harder for women to access key connections and opportunities. I am constantly working to create a diverse and inclusive work environment. I am involved in building networks that support women in entrepreneurship.

"I am always advocating for equal funding opportunities, pushing for a more equitable distribution of resources,” she said.


Founder of SheThePeopleTV and Shaili Chopra said that as an advocate of gender equality, it is crucial to establish additional ways for women to enter the workforce. “This involves not only promoting equal opportunities but also addressing key areas such as healthcare, financial autonomy, and inclusive dialogue. With both my initiatives, I have centred the platforms around the community, aiming to build a sisterhood economy, where women lead and make an impact,” she said.

Design and architecture company Novatr's chief product officer Vipanchi Handa said personal problems in the sector faced during her corporate job propelled her to venture into doing her own thing.

Recounting her experience of working in a male-dominated industry such as construction, she shared how masons would re-confirm instructions from a male executive as well.

The Ayurveda Co CEO and co-founder and an angel investor on Indian Angels Shreedha Singh said, “I have always been a student of life and my vision to start T.A.C - The Ayurveda Co., began after overcoming family and financial struggles.” Sharing her leadership bits, PR firm Jajabors Brand Consultancy founder Upasana Dash advises that it is preferred that one delegates tasks once they themselves know how to do it.

“Business was almost shadow-banned for seven generations from where I come, more so for women in families in the eastern part of India. But after working in this industry, I realised that there is a gap for business metrics and also, for women in positions of leadership,” Dash said. PTI GRJ MR