Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort sets up EV charging stations

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Chennai: Hospitality service provider Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort and Spa has installed electric vehicle charging stations by partnering with EV charging infrastructure company Charge Zone, as it aims to meet fast growing demand from battery operated vehicle owners, the company said on Tuesday.


The fast DC 60kW/120kW charging station with dual charging guns are open to guests and the public commuting by the way as the facility eyes to attract more guests.

"By partnering with Charge Zone, we only strive towards making this planet a cleaner and safer place to live," a press release from Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort and Spa said.

"As the country moves towards a greener future and develops into a more sustainable front, we are excited in taking up this partnership with Charge Zone and setting up the 2EV charging stations at our resort," Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort and Spa, Mahabalipuram, General Manager Amit Kumar said.

"Our aim is to reduce carbon footprint meanwhile helping communities and travellers connect and travel better, making the resort the perfect stop for everyone to enjoy..", he said.