Significant percentage of employees believe AI platforms will gradually replace manual employees: Report

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08 Aug 2023
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Mumbai: A significant percentage of employees believe AI platforms would gradually replace manual employees by streamlining processes in content creation, coding and design, while enhancing overall productivity, says a report.


According to a report by HR solutions provider Genius Consultants, 50 per cent of respondents viewed Chat GPT and similar AI platforms as a boon, while 25 per cent expressed their concern saying that there will be issues like overdependence, biases, lack of human touch and potential privacy and security risks.

The report by Genius Consultants is based on an online survey among 1,207 professionals during May 15 and June 24 working in diverse industries.

"As the report highlights the diverse perspectives surrounding Chat GPT and AI platforms in the workplace, it is clear that while many employees see the benefits these technologies bring, others have valid concerns about their implications," Genius Consultants Chairman and Managing Director R P Yadav added.


Yadav further noted that "We should value these varying viewpoints and recognise the importance of striking a balance between harnessing the potential of AI and addressing the legitimate concerns of our workforce."

Meanwhile, the report found that around 47 per cent of employees interviewed currently utilise Chat GPT, while 44 per cent do not use it, indicating a significant adoption rate within the organisation.

The widespread usage indicates recognition of the advantages offered by AI platforms for tasks such as content creation, coding, image and sound development, and more, it added.


Moreover, it revealed that 67 per cent respondents said AI platforms would facilitate the elimination of repetitive and tedious work through process automation, leading to smoother workflow management.

While, 18 per cent of respondents expressed reservations regarding the effectiveness of AI platforms in reducing monotonous tasks, it noted.

When it comes to the impact on job prospects, 65 per cent of respondents felt optimistic, believing that the application of AI platforms in organisations would lead to the development of new job opportunities and increased productivity.