Startup launches AI-backed education, health, and edutainment content service

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Kolkata, Feb 18 (PTI) A start-up has recently announced that it will provide curated education, health, and edutainment services targeting specific needs using artificial intelligence.


The start-up platform called Ascend, which is backed by the Accolade Group, claims to be the first knowpedia (Knowledge pedia).

"We are the world's first knowpedia and, currently, focused on health, education, and edutainment. We are using AI and human intervention to provide targeted, curated services and content for individual requirements, which are not available now. We are trying to tap this space," Accolade Knowledge CEO Monika Lahiri said.

"Our app will deliver AI-backed solutions for the common man, by aggregating and creating curated content tailored to an individual and offer skill development for re-employability,” she said.


It is projected that there will be a lot of job redundancy due to the deployment of AI by corporates and businesses, she said.

Another Silicon Valley start-up has tied up with Accolade to spread an AI-powered mobile phone face scanner that can read heart rate, breath rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar in haemoglobin (haemoglobin A1C), in just a minute.

"Beyond these, we can include 20 additional health parameters," said Trustr Global CEO and VC Ananth Subramanian.


Accolade's development center located in Kolkata currently has a manpower of 30 but in a few years, it will reach 300 as the company grows. The company has lined up USD 1 million from the promoters and will raise funds, in future, to scale it up.

"We will have awareness kiosks in metros initially before heading to rural areas to spread the use case," Lahiri said.

"Powered by AI, Accolade will have segments like LearnHub--tailored learning journeys to individual needs and goals. HealthOlogy is an integrated health management system that empowers users to take charge of their well-being", the company said in a statement.

LearnHub section is a game-changer in the learning landscape, it claimed.

"By aggregating courses from top institutions and personalising the experience, we empower individuals to achieve their full potential. Our curated content ignites curiosity, inspires thoughtful action, and entertains audiences across all interests," the company said. PTI BSM SBN NN