TCS launches Gen AI platform WisdomNext

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Mumbai, Jun 7 (PTI) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on Friday launched a Gen AI platform WisdomNext that aggregates multiple generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) into a single interface and enables companies to adopt next gen technology rapidly at scale, lower costs and within regulatory framework.

The platform is designed to remove barriers for customers to develop and launch business solutions, allowing for real time experimentation across vendor, internal, and open source LLM models, TCS said at the launch.

AI and Gen AI have far-reaching applications across the value chain for business.

However, solutions designers around the world find it difficult to select, experiment, and decide on the right foundation models to use, TCS said.

According to the company, foundational models are constantly evolving, and each model offers different capabilities in terms of mode of usage, cost, and effectiveness.

TCS integrated enterprise AI orchestration platform AI WisdomNext helps businesses choose the right models and simplify the design of new business solutions using GenAI tools, the company said, adding it also enables businesses to reuse pre existing components to accelerate design, it said.

"TCS AI WisdomNext helps our customers take advantage of GenAI to unlock the full potential of their data, drive greater business innovation and efficiency, and gain a competitive edge," said Siva Ganesan, Head, AI.Cloud Unit, TCS.

Customers appreciate the newly launched platform's ability to help navigate a diverse and quickly evolving AI marketplace and rapidly compose 'art-of-the-possible' solutions, he stated.

"We are solving business problems and helping our customers redefine what it means to harness the power of GenAI. The rapid adoption of GenAI and experiencing what it means in terms of business outcomes is something our customers find very exciting," he added.

"GenAI presents us with the chance to elevate the value of our knowledge capital across multiple dimensions. Through access to the TCS AI WisdomNextTM platform, we can amplify our enterprise knowledge, orchestrating a seamless integration of data and insights to enhance the efficiency, innovation, and customer-centric focus of our grocery organization, thereby incrementing value at every turn, " said Scott Kessler, Executive VP, CIO, Northeast Shared Services.

In the initial testing phase, TCS said it has already leveraged its offering to many of its largest customers to create value for them and build prototypes.

"We have shown it to over 100 customers. Obviously, the whole world of AI is unfolding upon us and we hope to take advantage of this more and more," said Ganesan.

The key features of the programme include preconfigured industry solution blueprints, intelligent 'evaluator bots', which enable organizations to compare available GenAI models and related technology stack choices, helping them to make more informed decisions, scenarios to optimise GenAI running costs using the platform's native intelligence as well as centralized governance with in-built guardrails to ensure compliance with local regulations and best practices, among others.

The company's comprehensive portfolio of GenAI services and solutions includes consulting and advisory, solution design and prototyping, large language model training and fine-tuning, guardrail agent design, project delivery, and ongoing maintenance, among others.

With over 300,000 associates trained on the foundational skills of AI/ ML, including GenAI, TCS is also set to build one of the largest AI-ready workforces in the world. PTI IAS MR