WayCool Foods expands ready-to-cook product portfolio

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29 Nov 2022
WayCool Foods expands ready-to-cook product portfolio

Chennai: Food and agriculture supply chain company WayCool Foods and Products has enhanced its product portfolio in the ready-to-cook segment with the launch of new Freshey's bread range, the company said on Tuesday.

The newly launched breads would be available in milk, sandwich and brown bread variants in Chennai market which would be further expanded into other cities in the state.

Noting that consumption of breads was increasing in India especially as a go to meal for breakfast, the company chief business officer B P Ravindran said, "while we have launched the product in the Chennai market, we plan to introduce this to other key cities in Tamil Nadu in the coming months." 

"We will continue to strengthen our presence in the convenience foods portfolio category with more launches in the next few quarters." 

WayCool Foods co-founder and Managing Director Karthik Jayaraman said, "Freshey's has witnessed massive traction in Chennai and other markets of Tamil Nadu.. with the launch of Freshey's Bread range, we are happy to enhance our presence on the breakfast table." 

The Freshey's breads are available in 350 grams (milk), 400 g (brown) and 450g (sandwich) in Chennai.

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