American singer Milben seeks resignation of Bihar Chief Minister for his derogatory remarks against women

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09 Nov 2023
New Update

Washington, Nov 9 (PTI) Infuriated by the recent remarks of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on women, a popular African-American singer on Thursday sought his resignation and said that the mantle of the state should be handed over to a woman.


“I believe the time is now for Nitish Kumar to resign and for an Esther to arise in Bihar. I believe the BJP should empower a woman to lead in Bihar. This would be the true sentiment of women empowerment and development in response,” singer Mary Milben said in a statement here.

Milben is well known in India for her melodious singing of ‘Jan Gana Mana’ and ‘Om Jai Jagdish Hare.’ “Or #Bihar, do as #SRK admonished in the film #Jawan, “vote” and bring change. You the people of Bihar, of India, have the power to vote in a woman, to vote in change,” she said.

The Bihar Chief Minister, while emphasising the importance of education among women to control the population, on Tuesday put forward a vivid description of how an educated woman can restrain her husband during sexual intercourse.


Kumar, who has faced criticism over his population control remarks, has since apologised for his remarks.

“Today, India faces a defining moment. Right in Bihar. Where the value of women is being challenged. And I believe there is only one answer to this challenge. After Chief Minister #NitishKumar Ji’s comments, I believe a courageous woman needs to step up and declare her candidacy to run for Chief Minister of Bihar. If I were a citizen of #India, I would move to Bihar and run for Chief Minister,” Milben said.

Her statement was accompanied by a video message as well.


“In the holy scriptures, Queen Esther was admonished by her cousin Mordecai to boldly approach her husband, the King, to help save her Jewish people. It was Mordecai who challenged Esther to see her place as Queen, her place and time in the kingdom, as a defining moment to save her Jewish people. Mordecai said to Esther, “Who knows but that you Esther have come to the kingdom, made Queen, for such a time as this?”” she said.

In a lengthy statement, Millben said the 2024 election season has commenced across the world, here in America and certainly in India. Election seasons present an opportunity for change, to put an end to outdated policies and non-progressive people, replaced with voices and values that inspire and truly align with all citizens, their convictions, and what is best for the collective future of a nation.

“Many people ask why I support Prime Minister Modi and follow India affairs so closely. The answer is simple. I love India and the Indian people globally. And I believe the Prime Minister is the best leader for India and the progress of Indian citizens. He’s the best leader for the U.S.-India relationship and for the global economic stability of the world. Moreover, he is a leader who believes in the empowerment of women,” she said.

“From paving the way for President (Droupadi) Murmu’s historic election to appointing women in key cabinet positions to encouraging Indian women athletes and their achievements, the Prime Minister stands for women,” Millben said. PTI LKJ NPK NPK NPK