Feel a lot of love and passion from Indian CUBS: K-pop star Woojin

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28 Oct 2023
New Update

Bengaluru, Oct 28 (PTI): Impressed already with his fans, called CUBS, in Delhi and Dimapur, Korean pop star Kim Woojin, popularly known as Woojin, says he can’t wait for Bengaluru and Mumbai. Woojin is presently touring India, as part of Moment Tour.


“I'm looking forward to seeing the Indian CUBS here, which, I think, will be a different experience from the previous two cities. And I'm excited about my first visit to Bengaluru and Mumbai,” says Woojin, in an email interaction with PTI.

Woojin will be headlining at the K-Wave Festival at Jayamahal Palace grounds in Bengaluru this evening.

On October 29, he will be performing at Dublin Square, the indoor stadium of Phoenix Marketcity in Mumbai.


Woojin, who was in Delhi and Dimapur on October 26 and 27, respectively, as part of the Moment Tour India, says he “felt a lot of passion and love from Indian fans” there and that both cities have their own charm.

“For instance, what surprised me the most in Dimapur was that I actually saw fans covering my songs during the performance. I was touched to see they were supporting and loving me a lot,” says Woojin.

Although he says fans, no matter from which part of the world, cheer him when they show their love in their own way, he says he found the fact that there are so many fans in India who like Korea and K-pop exciting. “Also, during the tour, I could experience India and its own unique colour (that I heard about often). Now, I just want to come to India more often,” adds Woojin.


Another illuminating experience was Indian music, says the Korean pop sensation. “This time, I got a chance to listen more carefully to Indian music, and I was surprised at how wonderful it was. I think I need to listen to more (Indian music),” says Woojin.

Indian food, he says, is another discovery that is wanting him to “look into India more”. “Actually, I enjoy chicken dishes very much. There were a lot of chicken-based dishes in India, too — like chicken curry and chicken tikka. They were so delicious. Kulfi was good, too,” says Woojin.

Woojin is also singing songs from his latest album, “Bounce”, during his India tour. The recently released album includes six tracks, the most popular being ‘On My Way’. In Mumbai, his CUBS will be treated to a meet & greet with him at 4.30 pm at Dublin Square, before the concert. PTI JR ROH