Janhvi Kapoor feels hurt when she is called a "nepotism kid"

Moksha Wadhwa
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Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor (File photo)

New Delhi: Janhvi Kapoor claimed that despite her ability to take criticism, it still affects her terribly when random strangers online make derogatory comments about her performance.


Janhvi Kapoor has shown her acting talent and ability in movies like "Mili" and "Good Luck Jerry." The actress, who debuted in Bollywood in 2018 with the movie "Dhadak," frequently receives hate and insults online. In a recent interview, Janhvi discussed criticism.

She asserted that despite her ability to take criticism, it affects her terribly when random strangers online disparage her performance by calling her things like "nepotism ki bachchi."

Janhvi Kapoor is the daughter of the late actress Sridevi and film producer Boney Kapoor.


"It really hurts when you’re putting in the hard work, the sweat and blood, or undergoing the mental turmoil, and some random, anonymous person on the Internet goes like, 'Acting nahi aati toh kyun karti ho, nepotism ki bacchi?’ Janhvi said to Harper's Bazaar. You can be diminished to nothingness in the space of a single instant. On the other hand, I accept it if someone says, "You were good in Mimi, but you could improve your performance in another film. There comes a time when you just have to accept that some individuals are, for lack of a better word, plain depressed and are trying to take what they want."

She continued by stating that she feels "disadvantaged."

She stated: "I may have gotten certain opportunities more easily, I also feel like I’m at a disadvantage. In the sense, people aren’t going to come and watch my films from a neutral perspective - they’re going to come in saying, 'Oh, she’s gotten by easily in life; she’s privileged'. So I have to convince them that I have something to offer; I work hard, and I value everything that I have been given. I love cinema, and I am not apologetic about it anymore, because I know I’m good at what I do...I’m just warming up."

Janhvi has a demanding film schedule coming up. In her forthcoming movies, she will play parts opposite Varun in ‘Dostana 2’ and Rajkummar Rao in ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’.