An explosion followed by a gunfight reported near a hotel in Kabul

Target seems to be a hotel where foreigners, mostly Chinese live in the Shahr-e-Naw area of Kabul

Shailesh Khanduri
12 Dec 2022
New Update
Kabul Hotel afghanistan

New Delhi: Locals and social media reported that in the capital Kabul of Afghanistan, gunfire and an explosion near a local hotel are taking place. A loud explosion was heard before several rounds of gunshots, witnesses said.


Gunmen opened fire on a building housing foreigners. Security forces have reportedly entered the building and are engaged in ongoing clashes with the gunmen. Is it a suicidal attack is yet to be confirmed.

The hotel said to be in the Shahr-e-Naw area, is reportedly popular with Chinese business visitors. A fire later broke out at the site, with videos posted to social media showing a blaze on the lower floors.

Security officials have yet to comment and no organisation has taken responsibility.