Biden asks NATO countries to strengthen their industrial base

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Joe Biden NATO Summit

US President Joe Biden addressing NATO Summit

Washington: US President Joe Biden on Wednesday called on NATO member countries to strengthen their industrial base, given that Russia is now on a wartime footing with regard to defence production.

Two years ago, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) launched a plan to modernise its deterrence and defence system, Biden said during a working session of the NATO summit here.

"Today, we have to ask ourselves, what is next? How can we keep making the shield stronger? One answer must be to strengthen our industrial base," he said.

"Right now, Russia is on a wartime footing with regard to defence production. They are significantly ramping up their production of weapons, munitions and vehicles. And they are doing it with the help of China, North Korea and Iran. In my view, we cannot allow the alliance to fall behind," the president said.

"I am very pleased that today, all NATO members are making the pledge to expand our industrial base and our industrial capacity, like our defence-spending commitment. This is a critical step to maintaining our security," Biden said, adding that for the first time ever, every NATO nation is pledging to develop plans for defence production at home.

"That means, as an alliance, we will become more innovative and competitive. We are able to produce more critical defence equipment more quickly and we may need it," he said.