China hits out at NATO for branding it as 'decisive enabler' of Ukraine war, Says don't bring 'chaos' to Asia

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Beijing, Jul 11 (PTI) China on Thursday hit out at NATO for terming it as a "decisive enabler" of Russia's war against Ukraine, lodging a diplomatic protest to the Western alliance for the "provocative" remarks and asking it not to bring the same "chaos" to Asia.

The China-related paragraphs in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's Washington summit declaration are "biased, provocative and aimed at vilifying" Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian told a media briefing here.

"We strongly deplore it and firmly oppose it and lodged a serious representation, (diplomatic protest) to NATO," Lin said.

He also lashed out at the NATO Asia-Pacific push, saying the organisation is strengthening ties with China’s neighbours and US allies trying to seek security at the expense of others and asked it not to bring the same "chaos" to Asia.

NATO's Asia Pacific strategy has damaged China’s interests, he said and urged it to stop interfering in its internal affairs.

China will firmly safeguard its sovereignty, security and development interests, he said.

The NATO Washington summit has made scathing criticism of Beijing, saying China has "become a decisive enabler of Russia's war against Ukraine" through its so-called “no limits” partnership and its large-scale support for Russia’s defence industrial base.

Also, China's military exercises with Belarus, a close ally of Russia, were sharply criticised by NATO especially since they are being held close to the border of Poland, a NATO member.

Next to Russia, China appears to have become a centerpiece of NATO's criticism which comes at a time when Beijing is trying to scale down trade tariffs and sanctions, especially for its electric vehicles which it is trying to market in the EU to reduce its overcapacity.

The NATO alliance comprised 32 member states, 30 European and two North American countries including the US and UK.

Chinese analysts have also been airing concerns over China getting involved in the Ukraine war risking its political and trade ties with the EU and confrontation with the powerful NATO alliance.

China is also trying to deflect criticism for supplying materials related to weapons production to Russia.

The NATO declaration said, “We call on the PRC, as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council with a particular responsibility to uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, to cease all material and political support to Russia’s war effort”.

"This includes the transfer of dual-use materials, such as weapons components, equipment, and raw materials that serve as inputs for Russia’s defence sector. The PRC cannot enable the largest war in Europe in recent history without this negatively impacting its interests and reputation”, the NATO declaration said.

Lin also tried to play down strong EU and NATO criticism of Chinese troops taking part in joint military exercises with Belarus near the Polish border, saying that it is normal military cooperation, and does not target any specific country.

Poland reportedly expressed its concern to China as the exercises are close to comfort and the Polish border is also formally referred to as the borders of NATO as Poland is a member of the organisation. PTI KJV ZH AKJ ZH ZH