Eric Garcetti set to be confirmed as US Ambassador to India

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15 Mar 2023

Washington, Mar 15 (PTI) President Joe Biden's close aide Eric Garcetti is set to be confirmed as US Ambassador to India after the Senate on Wednesday voted on the cloture motion limiting debate on his nomination, reflecting that the ruling Democratic Party has enough votes for his selection for the top post.

The former Los Angeles mayor's nomination was pending before the US Congress since July 2021 when he was nominated for the prestigious diplomatic posting by Biden.

A cloture motion is a procedural motion that limits further debate on the matter at hand. It allows the majority to defeat efforts by the minority to delay or obstruct proceedings on a matter by showing the matter has the support of a super-majority.

The cloture motion on his nomination was passed 52 to 42 votes.

Garcetti's nomination was not brought to the Senate floor for a vote during the last Congress as the ruling Democratic Party did not have enough support to get the 52-year-old close aide of Biden through.

Garcetti was not confirmed by the Senate in President Biden's first two years in office amid concerns by some lawmakers that the then-mayor had not adequately handled allegations against a former senior adviser of sexual assault and harassment.

President Biden renominated Garcetti to the same position in January this year.

Kenneth Juster, the last occupant of the ambassadorial residence of the US in New Delhi, stepped down in January 2021 after the change of government in America. PTI LKJ NSA NSA

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