Five miners killed after roof collapses due to heavy rain in Balochistan

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Karachi:  At least five mine workers were killed when the roof of a house collapsed due to heavy rainfall in Pakistan's Balochistan province.


According to the police officials, the house was built for the accommodation of the workers outside the local coal mine.

The coal mine collapsed due to the torrential rain and five workers were buried under the debris and died, they said.

According to the police authorities, the bodies of the deceased were shifted to the hospital, from where they were sent to their native areas after necessary action.


The heavy rains have also killed some seven people from a house collapse in the same area, police said.

The incident comes just days after 12 coal miners were killed in a methane gas explosion inside a mine in Harnai in the province while in another incident three coal miners were kidnapped four days back by armed men from a mine in Dukki and are yet to be recovered by the law enforcement agencies.

The latest incident has again reignited the discussion around the existing safety protocols for coal mine workers and the steps needed to enhance these protocols to save lives.