Indian soldiers slip into Pakistan side of LOC; allowed to return with dignity

Kaswar Klasra
20 Jun 2022
Indian soldiers slip into Pakistan side of LOC; allowed to return with dignity Indian soldiers slip into Pakistan side of LOC; allowed to return with dignity

Islamabad (Pakistan): Two nuclear-armed hostile neighbours came close to opening a new front after a few Indian soldiers accidentally crossed into Pakistan’s side of LOC at Fatehpur Thakiala sector.  

In a surprising move, the unexpected visitors were served with refreshments and allowed to return with dignity by the Pakistani troops.

As per sources, it all happened on Sunday, June 19, 2022, when seven commandos of the Indian Army accidentally crossed the Line of Control at the Fatehpur Thakiala sector. The commandos found themselves in a situation after locals of the area got hold of them and informed Pakistani troops posted nearby. However, no unpleasant incident occurred until the Pakistani soldiers arrived at the scene. 

A source in the Pakistan military confirmed the incident and said unexpected guests were taken care of.

“They were served with tea and refreshment by the Pakistani troops deputed there. As a good gesture, Indian soldiers were allowed to return with dignity,” said a source.

Locals can be seen in a video clip available exclusively with NewsDrum, shouting “Pakistan Army Zinda Baad’ (Long live Pakistan Army) while Pakistani troops can be seen arriving on foot.

According to an eyewitness, Pakistani troops greeted the Indian soldiers and took them along to the nearby post.

“We had never seen such a pleasant meeting of Pakistani and Indian troops like this in this area. It was such a wonderful experience to see troops of two hostile neighbouring countries meeting in a cordial atmosphere while fully loaded guns hanging from their shoulders,” a local from the area who witnessed the whole episode, told NewsDrum on Sunday.  

There was no word from Pakistan’s military regarding the incident until the filing of this report. However, such incidents of good gestures rarely occur across the Line of Control given the terrible history of confrontation between South Asian Nuclear-armed neighbours which have fought three wars since 1947.

A dive into India-Pakistan bilateral relationship reveals that South Asian neighbours had witnessed multiple crises since their overt nuclearization in 1998. Although the two countries fought three major wars before their respective nuclear tests, the presence of nuclear weapons made post-1998 crises more dangerous and drew global attention to de-escalation.

In 2019, Pakistan and India came close to another full fledge war following the violation of Pakistan’s airspace by Indian fighter Jets. Two sides had tested their muscles in short fighting in the skies which could have led to another full-fledged war. 

However, a timely intervention by the United States had saved South Asia from facing a war.

Since February 2019, troops of Pakistan and India had exchanged gunfire hundreds of times. In 2020, Pakistan accused Indian forces of violating a 2003 border agreement 1,595 times. Same allegations were levelled by the Indian sides as well. 

Commenting on Today’s incident, Defense experts and analysts appreciated the good gesture by Pakistani troops and said it can serve as a solid base for nuclear-armed South Asian rivals to revive the bilateral talks.

“So glad to see Pakistani troops offering refreshment to Indian soldiers who accidentally slipped into Pakistan side of LOC. It is indeed a rare incident given the terrible history between South Asian powers. The incident can serve as a foundation for the revival of diplomatic relations,” Mustansar Klasra, Islamabad-based defence analyst told NewsDrum. 

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