President Putin describes BRICS as one of the key elements of emerging multipolar world order

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Moscow, Jul 11 (PTI) Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday described BRICS as one of the key elements of the emerging multipolar world order, which considers the interests of all states.

Speaking at the BRICS Parliamentary Forum in St. Petersburg, Putin said the main goal of Russia's current presidency in the association is the establishment of the most favourable conditions for all member states’ gradual development.

"BRICS is one of the key elements of the emerging multipolar world order, which increasingly reflects the interests and aspirations of the global South, the global East, and our supporters around the world," he was quoted as saying by the state-run TASS news agency.

"We are open to strengthening cooperation with all countries that express their interest in the BRICS activities, we engage in an active dialogue in the BRICS+/BRICS Outreach format, and we are working on the establishment of the partner state category," Putin added.

Russia holds the BRICS presidency this year. BRICS is an intergovernmental organisation comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates have joined BRICS as its new members.

Putin also likened the West's use of so-called rules instead of international law to classic colonialism.

"Acting contrary to historical logic and often even to the detriment of the long-term interests of their own peoples, they are now seeking to establish some kind of order based on their so-called rules, which no one has seen, no one has discussed and no one has ever accepted," Putin was quoted as saying by the TASS.

"These rules are written and adjusted anew for each situation in the interests of those who consider themselves exceptional and have conferred on themselves the right to dictate their will to others," he said. "It’s exactly in the best traditions of classical colonialism." "This is a clear attempt to replace legitimate international law, an attempt to create a monopoly on the ultimate truth," Putin said. "Such a monopoly is destructive." "Contrary to the principles of international law, what comes into play is forceful coercion, unilateral sanctions, and selective application of trade rules," he said.

Putin said that the elites of the so-called golden billion countries fiercely resist the efforts of BRICS members to create a multipolar world order.

"We are well aware that the establishment of a world order that reflects the real balance of power, the new geopolitical, economic and demographic reality, is a complicated and in many ways, unfortunately, even painful process," the president said.

He said that, in 2024, the number of BRICS member states has increased to ten, with each member state independently carrying an ancient culture and traditions, implementing its own model of social, economic and political development. PTI ZH AKJ ZH ZH