ART Fertility Clinics launches the "Tree Of Life" program as a tribute to life in all its forms

A unique initiative where a tree is planted for every child born as an outcome of treatments undertaken across ART Fertility Clinics in India. The target is to create mini forests across all states the brand operates its clinics

Shailesh Khanduri
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ART Fertility The Tree of Fertility

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Gurgaon: ART Fertility Clinics has launched a unique initiative called the "Tree Of Life" program, under which it will plant a sapling of a fruit-bearing tree for every child born as an outcome of treatments administered across its six clinics which have been operational for less than two years in India. In partnership with SankalpTaru, the brand has planted more than 150 saplings.

This innovative and noble initiative celebrates new life in all forms, from motherhood to mother nature, while driving sustainability and biodiversity through this unique afforestation measure. But at its core, the program is an ode to patients who reposed their faith in the ART Fertility Clinics brand through their journey to parenthood.

Dr Somesh Mittal, CEO of ART Fertility Clinics, India, said, "The collaboration between Art Fertility and Sankalp Taru is a great illustration of how small efforts can make a big difference. Planting a tree for every successful pregnancy celebrates the beginning of a new life while giving children and communities a healthy future, complemented by the fruits and clean air each tree produces. He further mentioned, "We believe this is also a more than symbolic way to leave a lasting legacy while sharing the joy of parenthood with communities at large."

Karan Kumar, Group Chief Marketing and Growth Officer of ART Fertility Clinics, said, "Our clinics have consistently delivered a 70% pregnancy rate, amongst the highest globally, made possible in part because of our serious commitment to research and innovation, leading to our treatments come as close as possible to replicate the natural process of conception. The ‘Tree Of Life’ program celebrates this triumph of science assisting the miracle of nature. Every parent receives a certificate with a unique QR code confirming the plantation of the sapling. They can 'virtually' visit their tree at any time by scanning this QR code. In times to come, we will create mini forests as evidence of the brand's success, besides acting as an ode to the beautiful relationship between motherhood and mother nature."