1,325 trekkers brave inhospitable conditions for Chadar trek in Ladakh

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27 Jan 2023

Leh/Jammu, Jan 27 (PTI) Sixty-two foreigners were among 1,325 trekkers who braved inhospitable conditions to trek the frozen Zanskar river at a height of 11,150 feet in the Union Territory of Ladakh, officials said.

The Chadar trek or the Zanskar gorge trek is a winter trail over the frozen Zanskar river.

The 100-kilometre trail reopened this year after a two-year pandemic-induced break. It started on January 8 and concluded on Thursday, an official told PTI.

"A total of 1,325 tourists, including 62 foreigners, took part in this year's trek organised by the Ladakh administration," he said.

Sixteen trekkers were rescued and evacuated at different instances by the Disaster Response Force and the Mountaineering Group of Ladakh, the official said.

They usually carry out rescue operations whenever the trekkers face unavoidable medical emergencies and cannot complete the extreme weather trek, he added.

Trekkers have to brave inhospitable conditions, including average day temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius and night temperatures between minus 20 to 25 degrees.

Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures are put in place every year for the safety and security of those undertaking trek.

The trek of the Zanskar river in the Himalayas, which is frozen between January and February, is one of a kind. It takes at least seven days to complete the trek with the trekkers crossing frozen waterfalls, caves and ice slides on the way. PTI AB SZM

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