95.3% railway passengers between April-October were in non-AC classes

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15 Nov 2023
New Update

New Delhi, Nov 15 (PTI) As much as 95.3 percent of the total 390.2 crore railway passengers between April and October 2023 travelled in general and sleeper classes, while just 4.7 percent were in AC coaches, officials said on Wednesday.


The railways registered a significant increase in the number of general and sleeper class passengers between April and October this year compared to the corresponding period last year.

The Railways said in a press release that it received a total of 390.2 crore passengers across categories in these seven months this year, which is 41.1 crore more (11.7 percent up) than 349.1 crore passengers during the corresponding period of 2022.

Out of these 41.1 crore passengers, 38 crore (92.5 percent) travelled in non-AC classes (general and sleeper classes) and the remaining 3.1 crore preferred the air-conditioned coaches.


The break-up of AC and non-AC travellers from the total number of passengers, ie, 390.2 crore reflects the similar trend as 372 crore travelled in non-AC coaches and the rest 18.2 crore in AC coaches.

"This shows that 95.3 percent of passengers, out of the total number between April and October 2023, travelled in general and sleeper class and 4.7 passengers chose AC classes," a railway official said.

The Railways also stated that it runs 562 more trains every day now compared to pre-Covid days. While in pre-Covid days 10,186 trains ran every day, it has gone up to 10,748 now.

The highest increase is in the number of mail and express trains which have gone up to 2,122 from 1,768 in the pre-covid period. Even more sub-urban trains, which connect suburbs and cities, have been put into service in the post-Covid period leading to an increase in its numbers from 5626 to 5774.

"Realising the daily need of local travellers within a city, the Railways have introduced 2,852 trains for daily commuters. Earlier, in the pre-Covid era, this number was 2792. We will be introducing more trains in all categories considering the massive increase in the number of daily passengers,” the official said. PTI JP JP TIR TIR