AAP holds 'padyatras' in all Delhi assembly constituencies against BJP for delaying MCD mayor polls

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28 Jan 2023

New Delhi, Jan 28 (PTI) The Aam Aadmi Party held ''padayatras'' in all the 70 assembly constituencies of Delhi on Saturday to protest against the BJP for allegedly indulging in "hooliganism" and conspiring to stop the MCD mayor election twice.  AAP MLA and MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak said, "The BJP seeks to maintain control over all aspects of Delhi. Troubled by the BJP's mismanagement of the MCD for 15 years, the people of Delhi have now given a majority to the AAP.

"However, the BJP remains unable to accept this outcome and is determined to keep the MCD under their control at any cost. This is the reason why, despite the results of the MCD elections having been announced over a month ago, the BJP continues to obstruct the formation of an AAP government and the appointment of an AAP mayor." He said the Municipal Corporation of Delhi House has been called twice for the mayor's election, but the BJP continues to obstruct the process by "creating chaos and resorting to hooliganism".  "The AAP will not tolerate this behaviour from the BJP in Delhi. In response, party leaders and workers organised 'padayatras' in all legislative assemblies of Delhi to raise awareness about the BJP's hooliganism and to protest against it.

"Our message to the BJP is clear: do not deprive Delhi of its rightful mayor. We implored the BJP to allow the mayor's election to take place and respect the will of the people," he said.

The mayoral election was stalled last Tuesday for the second time this month as the MCD House was adjourned indefinitely by the lieutenant governor-appointed presiding officer, following a ruckus by some councillors.

The first meeting of the newly-elected MCD House was adjourned on January 6 amid a ruckus by AAP and BJP members, as did the second meeting last Tuesday.

The AAP won 134 of the 250 wards in the MCD polls held in December. The BJP managed to win 104 wards. PTI SLB TDS TDS

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