Adherence to European Standards for GE, 3-MCPD contaminants in cooking oils critical for consumer health: Experts

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New Delhi, May 11 (PTI) Health experts have emphasised the need for conformity to European safety standards for glycidyl esters (GE) and 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol esters (3-MCPD) in cooking oils, contending that their presence poses significant health risks.


The GE and 3-MCPD are contaminants that can be found in improperly processed cooking oils, and Europe has recently set limits on the permissible amount of such contaminants which, experts say, are linked to cardiovascular diseases and can cause cancer and other serious health issues.

Dr Praveen Chandra, Chairman and Head of the Cardiology Department at Medanta, stressed that ensuring the safety of cooking oils is paramount "The presence of GE and 3-MCPD poses significant health risks, particularly for heart health. These contaminants have been linked to cardiovascular diseases and other serious health issues.

The recent EU regulation, which sets maximum levels for these contaminants in food, is a crucial step toward protecting consumers." Consumers should choose cooking oils that comply with these regulations to safeguard their heart health and overall well-being, Dr Chandra said.


As Codex classifies these contaminants as potentially carcinogenic, India's oncologists are also urging government bodies and manufacturers to ensure compliance with European safety standards for GE and 3-MCPD and to mention this compliance on the label itself.

Dr Rahul Bhargava, Principal Director of the Department of Oncology at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, emphasised that with increasing cancer rates in the country, there is an urgent need to address carcinogenic contaminants like GE and 3-MCPD in cooking oils.

These contaminants, present in all types of cooking oils, can lead to cancer in the long run.


"With the rising cancer rates in India and the widespread use of cooking oils, relevant government bodies and FSSAI should take steps to implement these regulations in our country. Mandatory display of compliance with GE and 3-MCPD limits according to European regulations on labels is essential," Dr Bhargava said.

Dr AR Sharma, Founder and Chairman of AP Organics Ltd, Dhuri, stated, "While Europe has been at the forefront of implementing stringent regulations on GE and 3-MCPD, Indian regulatory bodies are also working to establish limits for these contaminants which could be present in improperly processed oils.

"Due to our stringent processing conditions, our processed and packed brands of rice bran oil are trans-fat-free and also fully compliant with the new EU Food Safety Regulations regarding GE and 3-MCPD contaminants. This shows our dedication to consumer health and safety," he said.

In collaboration with A P Organics Limited, Dhuri said, other industry leaders, including Vestige, a direct-selling company, have updated their labels to show compliance with European safety standards for GE and 3-MCPD on their brands. PTI PLB RT RT