Air India suspends pilot for 3 months after failing pre-flight breath analyser test

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New Delhi: Air India has suspended a lady pilot for three months for failing the pre-flight breath analyser test recently, according to an official.


The Boeing 787 pilot, who is a first officer, failed the test when she was to operate a flight from Delhi to Hyderabad, the official said.

Following the incident, which happened last week, the official said the pilot has been grounded for three months.

Air India did not offer any comment on the issue.


Under the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) norms for all scheduled operators, each crew member will be subjected to pre-flight breath analyser examination at the first departure airport during a flight duty period.

Stringent punishments are in place when a crew member tests positive in a breath analyser test, depending on whether it is repetitive. It is applicable for both pre and post flight tests.

A pilot who fails the breath analyser test for the first time will be suspended from flying duties for a period of three months, as per the norms.


Last year, the DGCA revised the norms on procedure for medical examination of aircraft personnel for alcohol consumption.

"No crew member shall consume any drug/formulation or use any substance such as mouthwash/ tooth gel or any such product which has alcoholic content.

"This may result into positive breath analyser test. Any crew member who is undergoing such medication shall consult the company doctor before undertaking flying assignment," as per the regulator.