Andhra Pradesh Police arrest man for stealing money from SBI bank

NewsDrum Desk
04 Nov 2023

West Godavari (Andhra Pradesh), Nov 4 (PTI) The Andhra Pradesh Police on Saturday arrested a 45-year-old man for allegedly robbing Rs 6.5 lakh from a State Bank of India (SBI) branch in Narasapuram town of West Godavari district, police said.


Police arrested T Suresh Babu from his house at Rustumbada Panchayti near Narasapuram town. They also recovered Rs 6.5 lakh cash from him, along with a knife that he had used during the robbery.

"A highly indebted Babu wanted to get rid of the heat from his debtors who were demanding him to payback by robbing a bank and settling his debts," West Godavari district superintendent of police U Ravi Prakash told PTI, adding that a 16-member police team nabbed him.

Babu wore a mask, sported a cap and carried out the robbery at SBI’s Joysula Branch in Narasapuram.

He directly went into the cash officer's room and pretended to need a gold loan but took out a knife, threatened the branch's cash officer and decamped with the cash.

After robbing the money, Babu went to his house located behind Leprosy Hospital, Grace Goyal Nagar, Rustumbada Panchayti near Narasapuram town, police said. PTI STH KH