Andhra Pradesh police seize petrol bombs, other crude weapons in Palnadu village

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Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh), May 16 (PTI) Andhra Pradesh police on Thursday seized 50 petrol bombs, stones, sickles and two sacks of broken liquor bottles at Pinnelli village in Palnadu district where violence was reported after the May 13 elections, said a police official on Thursday.


Superintendent of Police Bindu Madhav Garikapati noted that this cache of crude and country made weapons was seized from two houses in the village.

"Due to the prevalence of tense situation, we thought it is good to verify and searched all the houses at Pinnelli village in Machavaram mandal one by one and found broken beer bottles in one house and bottles filled with petrol and wicks in another," said Garikapati in a video statement released by the district police.

The SP noted that the cache of weapons was found in two houses, leading to the custody of C Peddasaida, C Nanne, Allah Bakshu, C Jany Basha and Tanda Pedda Nanni.


Police are also on the lookout for the accomplices of these people who are suspected of making arrangements for these weapons.

According to Garikapati, police received information about a person who is suspected to be involved in making petrol bombs in a house and expressed confidence that he will be apprehended.

Garikapati observed that two cases will be registered and the apprehended persons will be remanded.

Lok Sabha elections were held simultaneously with the Assembly polls in the state on May 13. PTI STH SS