Army shares acceptance of necessity details on TES for infantry regimental centres for Agniveers' training

NewsDrum Desk
25 Nov 2022

New Delhi, Nov 25 (PTI) The Army on Friday shared Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) details on tactical engagement simulator (TES) for infantry regimental centres for training of Agniveers.


According to the details shared on its website, the AoN has been for 36 sets of TES in the 'Buy Indian' category.

One set of TES should consist of body and helmet harness, laser unit (LU), sensor unit (SU) and other subsystems, and be capable of training 50 participants, it said.

Body and helmet harness should be fitted with communication elements, sensors, GPS module and control unit. It should be ergonomically designed and adjustable to fit all sizes comfortably.


Primary purpose of laser unit should be to provide simulated ammunition through laser code generation. Laser Unit will be fitted at the muzzle end of barrel to fire a laser beam in lieu of actual ammunition, as per the AoN details shared in a document.

The primary purpose of sensor unit (SU) should be to detect and decode simulated ammunition laser code received from laser unit of another weapons. SUs will be fitted on to body and helmet harness of the trainee. They will have laser sensors to sense incoming laser fire from any directions to indicate hits, it said.

Other subsystems include display unit (IDU) an umpire gun.

Umpire gun's primary purpose is to enable or disable any participant, to change mode of laser module like alignment, ready to fire mode. Other subsystems include, EXCON -- an exercise control system with computer and software, and communication systems, it said.

The Agnipath scheme, announced on June 14, provides for the recruitment of youths between the age bracket of 17-and-half years to 21 for only four years with a provision to retain 25 per cent of them for 15 more years. Later, the government extended the upper age limit to 23 years for recruitment in 2022. The youths recruited under the scheme will be known as 'Agniveers'. PTI KND RCJ