Assam aims to bring all tourism activities under new law

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Guwahati, Feb 5 (PTI) The Assam government on Monday proposed a new law with a view to setting up a comprehensive framework to bring all tourism activities under it.

Introducing The Assam Tourism (Development and Registration) Bill, 2024, Tourism Minister Jayanta Malla Baruah said it is aimed at revitalising and promoting the industry in the state.

"The tourism sector holds significant economic potential for Assam, contributing to job creation, revenue generation and overall development of the state," he said in the Statement of Objects and Reasons of the Bill.

The legislation will seek to address several critical aspects of tourist management, infrastructure development and promotion, Baruah said.

One of the key features of the Bill will be the establishment of the Adventure Safety Audit Committee for conducting risk assessment of all adventure sites and activities in air, land and water.

This new law will also enforce registration of all businesses and activities related to tourism, while penalties of up to Rs 30,000 will be levied in case of violation of the provisions of the Bill. PTI TR TR NN