Bengal police to bring one of key suspects in Bangla MP's murder from Nepal to Kolkata

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Kolkata, Jun 7 (PTI) West Bengal CID on Friday said it was making arrangements to bring one of the key suspects in the brutal murder of Bangladeshi MP Anwarul Azim Anar from Nepal to Kolkata.

Muhammed Siyam Hussain, who fled to Nepal allegedly after murdering Anar in New Town area of the city, was apprehended from the border region of the neighbouring nation last Thursday, sources said.

The decision to transfer the accused to Indian authorities arises from the fact that the murdered Bangladeshi lawmaker was last seen in the city, an official of West Bengal CID said.

"We are bringing him to the city. He will be brought here because the crime happened within our jurisdiction," the CID officer told PTI.

Siyam, according to police reports, fled to Nepal with the alleged prime conspirator, a Bangladesh-born US citizen, who later fled to Dubai before returning to USA.

Meanwhile, the search for the body parts of the deceased Bangladesh MP continued on Friday, the officer added.

Efforts to locate the missing MP, who reportedly arrived in Kolkata on May 12 for medical treatment, have been ongoing since Gopal Biswas, a resident of Baranagar in north Kolkata and an acquaintance of the Bangladeshi politician, filed a complaint with the local police on May 18. Anar had been staying at Biswas's residence upon his arrival.

In his complaint, Biswas mentioned that Anar left his Baranagar residence for a doctor's appointment on the afternoon of May 13 and was expected back home for dinner. However, Anar's disappearance on May 17 prompted Biswas to file a missing person report the following day. PTI SCH MNB