Bihar prepares to take its folklore to world stage

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22 Nov 2022
New Update

Patna, Nov 22 (PTI) The Bihar government in association with ICCR will showcase folk forms of state like Jhijhiya, Hurka, Magahi Jhumar, and Kajri to the world stage, an official said.  Days after signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), the Art and Culture Department of Bihar government has initiated the process of selecting famous folk dancers, singers, and artists to be sent abroad for performances as part of ICCR's Horizon Series Programme (HSP), the official said.


"As per the MoU, ICCR will assist Bihar in promoting its art forms/talent in India and abroad by participation of state artists in HSP. ICCR will also facilitate visits of state cultural troupes for participation in prominent international festivals and cultural events abroad", Deepak Anand, Additional Secretary, Art, Culture and Youth department (Bihar government) told PTI.

"Folk artists performing Jhijhia, Hurka, Magahi Jhumar, Kajri, Mithila's Sama-Chakeva festival, etc will be selected and will be sent abroad for performances as part of HSP programme. Besides, preferences will also be given to folk artists/ troupes who perform Kajri, Jharni Dance and Sohar Khelawana Bidesiya songs", said Anand.

He said Bihar has so many things to show the world. Being one of the oldest regions of the world, Bihar maintains its wonderful profile. "Folk songs and dances of the state are quite popular outside India", he said.


While Jhijhiya is a prayer dance that originated in the Koshi region of Bihar and is performed during droughts, Magahi Jhumar dance is usually presented in the form of a duet, where male and female dancers play the role of husband and wife in rural areas of the state, said Anand.

"Famous Sama Chakeva of Mithila region is a festival of unity. Usually, the celebration starts from the night of Chhath puja is quite popular. Besides, Bidesiya is another folk performance from Bihar that is very popular outside India also", the additional secretary said.   "Assisting ICCR in identifying outstanding cultural groups/artists, including new young talents in other areas - literary, intellectual and academic fields, sculpture, cuisine, textiles, handicrafts and architecture, is also part of the MoU," Anand said.

Facilitation of study camps for foreign students, tours and camps for the promotion of state tourism and cultural heritage in Bihar is also part of the MoU, he said, adding this will strengthen cultural relations and mutual understanding between Bihar and other countries. PTI PKD RG