BJP chief Nadda slams DMK, alleges TN's ruling party does not have 'respect for democracy'

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Chennai, Feb 11 (PTI) BJP President JP Nadda on Sunday accused Tamil Nadu's ruling DMK of 'lacking wisdom' and alleged it does not have 'basic respect' for democracy.


Addressing a public meeting here, Nadda praised Tamil Nadu people as hardworking who bring laurels to the state. He alleged that the ruling DMK gives 'very poor leadership' to the state.

"Tamil Nadu's DMK leadership lacks wisdom, does not have basic respect for democracy," he alleged.

Nadda, said: "When I came here, the markets were shutdown, the street lights were put off, huge police platoons deployed which made me remember the emergency days, but I would like to say, Mr Stalin (Chief Minister and DMK President) days are not far when you will be out (of power)." Furthermore, the BJP chief alleged the police made traders 'shut down markets, bazaars' and none were allowed to venture out. "Is this democracy, is this the tradition of Tamil Nadu,? he asked. When it was not the tradition of Tamil Nadu, such leaders (a reference to CM Stalin) should not be there in power to represent the state as chief minister," he said. PTI VGN VGN KH