BJP should present documents to prove Delhi CM approved tree felling in Ridge: AAP

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New Delhi, Jul 6 (PTI) The ruling AAP on Saturday challenged the BJP to present documents to prove that trees were felled in the Ridge area after the approval of the Delhi chief minister.

The BJP has found an opportunity to do politics in this matter and since Friday, it has been showing some documents saying that these trees were felled on the orders of Kejriwal, AAP chief spokesperson Priyanka Kakkar said.

"This is impossible because only the Supreme Court can give permission for the felling of trees from the Ridge area. If the BJP has such documents, then they should stop drama and put these papers before the Supreme Court," she said.

Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor hit back and alleged AAP was "misleading" people.

"All the documents we have shared have signatures of the Delhi Chief Minister and Environment minister. The AAP government can not escape responsibility as the party leaders are misleading people by saying the permission was related to a different project," he said.

AAP sources said that the Delhi government ministers will visit Satbari in the Southern Ridge area where 1100 trees were removed by the DDA on the direction of the Lt Governor.

"When central government agency DDA sought permission for tree felling then the Supreme Court came to know that these trees had already been felled. The Court and Delhi government are demanding answers from LG and officials working at the behest of BJP but everyone is silent," she said.

Kapoor claimed the documents clearly show that the chief minister not only approved the removal of trees but also forced the LG for his nod to it by saying he was bound by the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers. PTI VIT HIG HIG