BJP will stop schemes run by Congress if they come to power in Rajasthan: Rahul Gandhi

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16 Nov 2023
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Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi addresses a public meeting ahead of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, in Vidisha

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (File image)

Jaipur: The BJP will stop welfare schemes being run by the Congress government in Rajasthan if they come to power and they will help billionaires, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Thursday. He was addressing a public meeting in Taranagar of Churu district in support party candidate Narendra Budhania.


"If a BJP government is formed then it will stop schemes being run by the Congress be it the (old) pension scheme, health (insurance scheme), subsidised cylinders or Rs 10,000 annual assistance for women and it will again help the billionaires," Gandhi said.

Instead, if the Congress is voted back to power in the state, he said, the poor, farmers and small traders will benefit.

"Farmers' loans will be waived off. They will be helped, small traders will benefit. This is for you to decide. Do you want Adani's government or do you want the government of farmers, labourers, youth?" Gandhi said.


He also took a jib at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's over his "guarantees".

"Modi's guarantee means a guarantee for Adani whereas the Congress means a government of farmers, labourers, and youths. This is the difference. You have to decide," he told the gathering.

He said the Congress transfers money into the pockets of the poor whereas the BJP puts it in the pockets of Adani.

He alleged the BJP helps Adani who uses it to buy companies abroad whereas the Congress transfers money into the pockets of farmers.