Cabinet approves creation of International Big Cat Alliance

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New Delhi: The Union Cabinet Thursday approved the creation of International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) to set up a global network to conserve tigers and other big cats.


The India-headquartered alliance was conceived as a multi-country, multi-agency coalition of 96 big cat range countries and others to establish a common platform for conservation.

Out of the seven big cats (tiger, lion, leopard, snow leopard, puma, jaguar and the cheetah), five -- tiger, lion, leopard, snow leopard and cheetah -- are found in India.

The Cabinet has cleared a one-time budgetary support of Rs 150 crore for the IBCA for a period of five years from 2023-24 to 2027-28.


Acknowledging India's leading role in conserving tigers, other big cats and many of its endangered species, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had during his speech on Global Tiger Day, 2019 called for an alliance of global leaders to curb poaching in Asia.

The IBCA aims for cooperation among countries for mutual benefit in furthering the conservation agenda.

The IBCA would have a multi-pronged approach in broad-basing and establishing linkages in several areas and help in knowledge-sharing, capacity-building, networking, advocacy, finance and resources support.