Centre planning to arrest Arvind Kejriwal through CBI: Gopal Rai

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Delhi minister Gopal Rai addressing press conference in New Delhi

New Delhi: Delhi minister Gopal Rai on Friday lashed out at the BJP and alleged that the Centre has been planning to arrest AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal by serving him a notice through CBI.


Addressing a press conference here, Rai alleged that the CBI has been preparing a notice under CrPC 41A (notice of appearance before police officer) for Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal.

"BJP has been frustrated ever since the opposition formed the INDIA bloc.

The BJP-led central government has been planning to arrest Arvind Kejriwal by serving him a notice through CBI. We got to know that a notice is being prepared under CrPC 41A and thereafter, they plan to arrest him," he alleged.


"Since all the notices by ED to Kejriwal failed, they now plan to misuse CBI," he further alleged.

Rai further claimed that despite raids by the central agencies at various places linked to AAP leaders, no evidence of corruption was found against them.

"These agencies raided our leaders' residences and offices and several other places linked to them but they never found a spec of evidence of corruption again us. AAP was never scared of BJP and their agencies' threats and we won't be scared in the future too," Rai claimed.

"AAP will fight the elections as a part of the INDIA bloc and no one can stop us," he added.