Chapchar Kut festival celebrated across Mizoram with traditional fervour

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Aizawl, Mar 1(PTI) Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma on Friday emphasised the importance of preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage and ethical values of the community.

Speaking on the occasion of Chapchar Kut at the Assam Rifles ground here, Lalduhoma underscored the Mizo ethic of 'Tlawmngaina,' or selflessness, which has historically united and sustained the community.

Chapchar Kut is the biggest festival of the Mizos, which is celebrated in March after completion of the most arduous task of Jhum operation (jungle-clearing).

He lamented the gradual dilution of Mizo culture due to the influence of external cultures and urged the people to revive and cherish their heritage.

Highlighting the significance of festivals like Chapchar Kut in showcasing and preserving Mizo culture and values, Lalduhoma emphasised the importance of ethical principles such as sharing and selflessness, which have been integral to Mizo society.

He also addressed contemporary social challenges faced by Mizoram, including high rates of cancer, AIDS/HIV prevalence, substance abuse, and divorce.

Lalduhoma called for collective efforts to combat these social evils and work towards lasting peace and prosperity in the state.

The celebration saw various cultural performances, including the traditional bamboo dance known as "Cheraw". PTI COR MNB